Monday, June 13, 2016

*** 2016 Preparedness - Start Early and Be Steadfast ***

                              September 2016 

National Preparedness Month and Constitution Week

Did you know that our country has been in a perpetual state of emergency since 1979, while our Freedoms continue to diminish more and more as the year’s go by ? Do you know which rights and freedoms are currently under attack and which ones no longer exist for some of us ?

The fact that we have been in a continual national state of emergency since 1979 was brought to my attention by a 2014 Special Report I came across recently from USA Today entitled “ America’s Perpetual State of Emergency “. While we go about our day thinking we will always have public access to employment, credit, emergency services, food, water, utilities, and/or shelter we are very mistaken. Also, if we believe we can count on laws passed that a ) don’t disempower us from the right to making our own decisions in relation to our health and b) don’t take away our access to employment, education, or health care, without involvement and serious effort on our part, we are again very, very mistaken.

Those of us who have experienced or are aware of the political, social, economical, moral, and physical threats to our well being and safety all have something called agency- the capacity to act. Unfortunately our right to choose things that promote health and safety, and our capacity to preserve that right is being taken away from us everyday in ways we may not even be aware of. Considering all this what can we still do about it?

The reality of our situation is no cakewalk and will be very difficult to change. Are we going to give up? Are we going to continue our lives as if there is nothing we can or should do ? What are you and I willing to do that can still be done, individually and collectively, to support and protect our families , to defend our rights, and to preserve our freedoms ?

The month’s of April and September have been officially declared National Preparedness Month. In recognizing the need to be prepared and participating together in efforts to prepare ourselves, we can have the assurance that we have taken responsibility for our safety and done all we can do to protect our families from threats to our physical safety.

In addition to learning about and preparing for physical threats, we need to be aware of the political threats we are facing. September 17th through 23rd is National Constitution Week. As our constitution hangs by a thread, let’s not give up and surrender it to those who seek to do away with the freedoms it addresses, that we have the responsibility to uphold and protect.

For a brief summary of the things we can do prepare ourselves and have the needed resources to take effective action , check out my brief article “How to Protect our Families and Defend Ourselves From the Dangers We Are Facing”.

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