Welcome to our family's emergency preparedness website. This blog is focused on preparing for disasters that are likely to be faced by those living on or near the west coast.

If a disaster strikes,  are you and your loved ones ready ? You can take a few steps every month to help prepare yourself and your loved ones for life threatening emergencies they are likely to face by doing the following:

1) Start with First Steps below  if you have not completed them already.

2)  Participate in upcoming preparedness related events.

3) Click here for this month's preparedness focus. To see previous preparedness goals view this page .

 First Steps

1. Have your Family  general disaster preparedness and fire safety plans ready .This includes regularly reviewing and practicing what you will do with your family and others that may be involved, which includes having a family communication plan  in place.

2. Have your 72-hour "go kit" or bag ready.

3. Register your cell and/or any non-landline phone for the Alert San Diego emergency notification system. Don't have a cell, or don't know how to text ? Get a cell phone and learn how to text message (almost free phones and services available now)

4. Download an Emergency Preparedness app ( SD Emergency and/or Emergency sponsored by the Red Cross ).  Don't have a smart phone ? There are smart phones you can get for as low as $40 . Having a smartphone with one or both of these apps will allow you to have valuable emergency preparedness info and alerts available to you 24/7 .

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