Be Informed

                                     Knowledge Is Power

Educating ourselves on the dangers that currently exist and the disasters that will most certainly occur in our lifetime, if not in our children's lifetime is very important. If we are unaware of the dangers we may face and how to prepare for them, we will not be able to protect ourselves and our families.

The Benefits of Emergency Preparedness Training

           Basic preparedness knowledge, combined with additional life saving skills training such as CPR and First Aide training, will prove invaluable to our families and those around us in life threatening emergency situations.  Having every household trained in basic emergency preparedness and response, as encouraged by our local emergency response leaders, can further increase the likelihood that we will be able to keep our families safe .  We will be better prepared to assist our loved ones when they get injured or experience emotional trauma in a disaster. Under the direction of our local fire departments, CERTs offer In-person Basic Preparedness and Response Training. This training is partially available online (everything is included  in the online version of the course, minus the hands on learning and practicing of skills acquired during a disaster response drill).


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