The CERT Basic Emergency Preparedness and Response Course is usually offered once a year by our CERT groups in San Diego County. To join a Cert Team, or to have access to free in-person advanced emergency preparedness training, graduation from a CERT Basic Training Academy is required. The following are the trainings that I am aware of :

Oceanside CERT- March 3rd - March 12  [See Training Flyer] .
                               October 6th - October 15th.
Vista CERT - April 13 - June 4rth [See Training Flyer]

North County - Fallbrook 

      An independent study version of the Basic Emergency Preparedness and Response Course  is available online through FEMA here . This course should preferably be taken prior to attending a CERT Academy. It covers the same material, but does not provide opportunities to practice the emergency skills covered.

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