How to Protect our Families and Defend Ourselves From the Dangers We Are Facing

Once we’ve decided we want to take action to protect our families from threats to our health and safety, and from the loss of the freedoms and opportunities that are vital for us to be able to make the choices that we each should have the right to make for ourselves , then it’s time to do our homework and prepare to take action.

                            Being Prepared to Take Action In Emergency Situations
To better prepare our families for disasters we can learn about what to do and work towards preparing ourselves , our families, and others. There are many great resources and organizations we can participate in to assist us with this as referenced on this blog which are accesible on this blog’s homepage by clicking on the links to resources and on the tabs in the header. 

                                      Preserving and Defending Our Freedoms
While our world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place, laws and business policies are being put in place that jeopardize our financial independence, our health, our safety, access to medical care, access to education, and access to employment. We can learn about these things, and exercise our legal rights by participating in referendums and initiatives that combat these types of threats. If you are ready to take political action and want to know what you can do right now to take part in restoring freedoms that have been jeopardized by recent legislation check out and join voters that are organizing to engage others to combat political corruption in our state and nation.

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